Commitment to quality & tradition

In our cheese factory, with respect for quality and passion for creating incomparable flavors, we produce our traditional fine products. Milk as the most important raw material that gives this special taste to our products comes daily from selected herds of free-range sheep and goats in selected areas of Pelion.

The milk used for the production of dairy products is collected from free-range sheep and goats of mountain Pelion, near Lake Carla, at a distance of 20 km from the dairy. The production unit of Stefanovikeio, Magnesia, maintains the production of cheese products and their distribution through the three stores we have.

Delicacies from all regions of Greece

The whole family participates in the company in different roles, with the production of cheese products being located in the cheese factory in Stefanovikeio, Magnesia and the three privately owned retail stores in Volos being the main points of sale of all the company’s products.

Our stores aim to provide you with the best possible service, expand the variety of products and provide you with delicatessen flavors, with our partner producers from all regions of Greece. Local products are available in our stores, such as organic quality products ‘KANNABIO’, products from black garlic ‘Black Garlic DownVillage’, Pelion sausages ‘Strakas’ from Stagiates Pelion and many other traditional, Greek products.



Two gold stars for cheese in 2016, two gold stars for feta, cheese & Mavroskordato in 2017, one gold star for KaraCanna, two gold stars for feta and Mavroskordato in 2018 & 1 gold star for KaraCanna and Spetsotyri & 2 gold stars for goat cheese in 2019 at the “Superior Taste Awards” awarded by the iTQi Organization (International Taste & Quality Institute) in Brussels and are the only quality seal, which is given after blind tasting by Michelin-starred chefs and connoisseurs from 17 different international Chef’s Clubs. Dairy Expo Award in 2018 for Mavroskordato.




Fluffy lemon cake with icing

The most fluffy and fragrant cake. We enjoy it for breakfast but also with our afternoon tea or coffee. 10 - 12 pieces 30 'preparation 50 'baking Total: 1 hour and 20 ' Ingedrients 180 gr. KARAKANAS butter + a little for the form 200 gr. (1 cup) sugar 4 eggs ...

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Shrimp and crayfish saganaki

What could be more delicious and summery than an easy frying pan with shrimp, crayfish and feta cheese. 30 'preparation 10 'cooking Total: 40 ' Servings: 8 Ingredients 1 kg shrimp, medium size, cleaned of shells, intestine, heads * fresh or frozen 1 kg crayfish, me...

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Trachanas is for Pelion an invigorating breakfast, a soothing dinner but also material in pie fillings as in this recipe here. The combination with KARAKANAS feta will take off your final result! 20 'preparation 40 'baking Total: 1 hour Ingredients 250 gr. sweet whea...

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