Fluffy lemon cake with icing

The most fluffy and fragrant cake. We enjoy it for breakfast but also with our afternoon tea or coffee. 10 - 12 pieces 30 'preparation 50 'baking Total: 1 hour and 20 ' Ingedrients 180 gr. KARAKANAS butter + a little for the form 200 gr. (1 cup) sugar 4 eggs ...

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Shrimp and crayfish saganaki

What could be more delicious and summery than an easy frying pan with shrimp, crayfish and feta cheese. 30 'preparation 10 'cooking Total: 40 ' Servings: 8 Ingredients 1 kg shrimp, medium size, cleaned of shells, intestine, heads * fresh or frozen 1 kg crayfish, me...

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Trachanas is for Pelion an invigorating breakfast, a soothing dinner but also material in pie fillings as in this recipe here. The combination with KARAKANAS feta will take off your final result! 20 'preparation 40 'baking Total: 1 hour Ingredients 250 gr. sweet whea...

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